Tale as Old as Time



Geeks’n’Nerds is by far my favorite event in SL. It’s only open a few more days so get down there! I put back some L$ all the way from October just to be sure I could go a little crazy at it. I picked up a LOT of Doctor Who stuff, some random stuff just because it was too cute to pass up, and I think 4 outfits. This being one of them. Belle is my all time favorite Disney Princess. I don’t even know how many VHS tapes I wore out annoying my mom with it every day when I was little. Now that I’ve grown up, I identify with her a lot. Aside from falling for a secretly kind hearted beast… lol The shoes I actually got at the same event last year for an outfit that didn’t work out for some reason or another, but I thought it was kind of funny they were perfect now. The necklace says “Here’s where she meets Prince Charming.” That’s adorable, and I think a book is a very fitting accessory for me. Anyways, enough babble. Get to Geeks’n’Nerds ASAP!

Get The Look:: 

Dress: Noodles – Beauty Princess Dress {@ Geeks’n’Nerds}

Necklace: Noodles  – Prince Charming Story Necklace Bronze

Crown: Noodles – Maelie Rose Crown Yellow

Hair: Magika – Intended

Shoes: fri.day – Bowtie.Pumps (Daisy)

Poses: elephante poses – Once Upon A Dream {@ Geeks’n’Nerds}

Location: Scribbled Hearts


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