Mischief Managed





So when I heard about the Wizarding Faire I REALLY geeked out. I couldn’t sign on and get there fast enough. And I went a little crazy, so everything here is only about half of what I got. I really suggest checking this out if you are a fan of Harry Potter. This had me seriously considering giving RP a try, and go to Mischief Managed. If you are interested, by the way, check out their website here. As far as the outfit goes most of it came from the faire, but the uniform I found through a landmark where guys uniforms were set up. The one I’m wearing also comes with a wand and spell, robes, and socks. I just wanted to show off the other wand I got, and the pictures with the robes just didn’t make the cut to me. lol

Get The Look::

Uniform: FATEplay – Jenny Gryffindor Black {Male version @Wizarding Faire}

Scarf: FATEplay – Scarf – Evans -Lion {@Wizarding Faire}

Suitcase: Amala – The Suitcase (no store) {@Wizarding Faire}

Shoes: *BOOM* – Venrue Flats (Pitch) {SLink Memium Barefeet addon} {@Wizarding Faire}

Wand: *BOOM*  – Swish and Flick Beech 12 1/3 inch wand (gatcha prize) {last picture} {@Wizarding Faire}

Pose: Miseria – Dueling 101 Pose Set {last picture} {@Wizarding Faire}

Owl: .Birdy. – Owlet (Snowy) {@Wizarding Faire}

Backpack: B.C.C. – mignon wizard school Backpacks RARE B (gatcha prize) {@Wizarding Faire}

Hair: [Elikatira]Enjoy


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