Tomb Raider {Costume ’13 #1}



October is here! My favorite month! I love everything about it! The colors of Autumn, candy, pumpkins, all things scary, dressing up, just everything. And who doesn’t like to dress up and be someone different for a little bit, right? I dress up a lot this month in SL. Mostly because I can’t decide on just one costume… SO I’ll share a few here, and hopefully help you find one you like!

This costume is by a marketplace seller of full perm mesh. I have been followed her for a long time, and so much of her stuff is gorgeous. I looked all over last year for a good Lara Croft costume, because Tomb Raider has been a favorite game of mine since I was a kid, and while there are a few out there, I just wasn’t interested in them. But now I think I’ve found the most perfect one. I bought these the second she posted about them on fb. The shorts, holsters, and boots came from her, and I also bought the full perm guns just because I guess. With the holster it comes in just the leg holsters or with the belt. The guns can be held (the right one with some adjusting) or put away. Whichever you choose.

Get The Look::

Shorts: Meli Imako –  Full Perm Rigged Mesh Women’s Combat Shorts with Belt and Suspenders (being that these are full perm I just quickly edited the faces and made the suspenders transparent to better fit the holster so I could have the goodies on the belt)

Holster: Meli Imako – Full Perm Mesh Combat Girl Belt, Gun and Holster Set

Boots: Meli ImakoFull Perm Mesh Ladies Combat Boots with Socks Cuff

Top: Gawk! – Brown Basic Tank

Hair: Magika – Reflect


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