I was so excited to see these new swag suits!! They’re so cute and special for this round of Silicone! There’s 4 new suits with a hud to change between two textures (regular + washed) for each, 8 belt colors, hide option to not wear the belt at all, and 4 buckle/2 button medal options. Also, just like with the other suits, you can use belt hud add-ons to have even more options. Being that this is for Silicone these can obviously also be worn with appliers.

Get The Look::

Outfit: [Cynful] Clothing and Co & Lil’lace – Swag Suit  – Ombre2  (Washed texture, silver buckle & silver buttons) {@Silicone}

Bracelet: MANDALA – TAKARA Bangle/pink

Hair: ploom. – Plume (also comes with feather attachment) {@The Boutique}

Shoes: [Gos] Boutique – Hunter Ankle Boot- Taupe


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