By Any Other Name




ColdLogic has gorgeous new asymmetrical dresses. I knew the second I saw this one it was mine. It’s like the petal of a rose with the multitone pinks and different soft colors inside. The flow is beautiful, and the way the light reflects off it with settings up and moving around is amazing. It just looks so soft and light. The necklace and bracelet are absolutely gorgeous! I couldn’t adore them more. I used this same hat in my Mad Hatter post, but because I altered it, I wanted to show it as is. It’s one of the best floppy hats I’ve seen in-world. I actually found it through my best friend and fellow blogger: MissJaden at Glitz Glam & Glitter.

Get The Look:

Dress: coldLogic – daines rosepetal

Shoes: (LaRoo) – Lizzy T-Strap Pumps (pink)

Bracelet: MANDALA – Omochi Bracelet/Aurora Pink

Necklace: MANDALA – Omochi necklace/Pink

Hat & Hair: Maitreya – Siobhan


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