Snapshot_139  Snapshot_144

This is a ridiculously simple outfit, but I thought I’d share lol I like the fit of the skirt. And the earrings I bought in two colors because I couldn’t leave with just one. I got this at The Deck originally because I like to go to like a designer showcase and find a lot of good new stuff, and I can find new designers I like. Actually, If anyone knows any good ones, get at me! Lol I love that kind of thing. I think The Deck is actually on break again now, but there’s also FaMESHed and Designer’s Circle that I really like. And Dressing Room can have some amazing finds, and all for 4-70L.

Outfit: Lacuna– Diametric Maxi skirt and Top (Bandeau top comes in both black and silver)

Earrings: Cherry– Lola Leaves Earrings- Immortality

Nails: ::je suis...– Naive Nails v.2 (must own this basic pack first) With the Nailpolish v.2:: Glossy French:: greys (addon)

Hair: >Truth<– Sandra

Makeup: R.icielli– GORGEOUS make up pack- Eyeshadow 02


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